Q. How long will my delivery take?

A. Most orders will arrive in 10-15 days - However, due to high demand of some of our most popular products, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

Q. Why isn't my tracking number working?

A. The tracking information will only update after the package has been received by the Royal Mail sorting centre. This is usually around 10 days from ordering so please consider this when checking the tracking information

Q. What is the difference between your Shower Curtains and the Garden Tapestries?

A. They are both made from the same waterproof Polyester material. However, the Garden Tapestries do not feature eyelets at the top for hanging and more importantly they are available in different sizes. Some go up to 300cm wide!

Q. How do I attach to a wooden fence or solid wall?

A. This is a popular question. For a brick wall our customers have mostly used wooden battens to create a frame for the curtain that can be screwed to the wall. We have also heard of success with using spray glue. For a wooden surface we recommend using a staple gun or drawing pins. We have also created a garden shower curtains group where fantastic members share advice, pictures and ideas. Feel free to join on the link below.